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Snow Day in South Georgia

It is a very rare occasion that we get much of a winter here in south Georgia. Even more rare than that, is getting SNOW in south Georgia. That actually sticks to the ground and accumulates!

We got two rounds. The first round was very light and instantly melted as it hit the ground. My monkeys watched from the window. I was sure just as soon as they were dressed it would be over, and I didn't want to get them excited. After a few minutes or so it stopped.

About 5- 10 minutes later, it started up again, and again we watched with "ooohs" and "ahhhs". I realized that this time it was coming down a bit heavier and quicker. Like ACTUALLY snowing, like it did when we lived in Wyoming.

A few minutes pass, and I yell " QUICK! GO GET COATS, HATS, SHOES AND GLOVES BEFORE IT STOPS!!!!" And off they dashed while I fought the baby to put shoes on over his footie pajamas, a hat on his head and a coat over his little body! I am certain he had two thoughts on all of this.

The first being: "Oh, cool!"

The second being: "Oh, cold!!"

He was not a fan! The other two on the other hand. . . .

LOVED IT! So they caught snow flakes on their tongues and jumped around like crazy kids and then we came in to put some warmer clothes on and bring the baby inside seeing as he was not as amused as the other two.

And of course after a successful snow day, you must have hot chocolate, . . .

I mean, its only right!

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