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5 Reasons to Embrace Being in More Photos with Your Children

We live in a time where everyday moments seem to fleet by faster and faster with the help of mounting digital distractions. As parents, we often find ourselves more behind the camera, capturing those moments of our children's lives then actually in the photos with them. It is so incredibly important to remember that we should also be present in those memories, creating a legacy to leave behind, not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren. Being in more photos with our children carries numerous benefits, allowing us to reminisce and cherish the beauty of those fleeting years.

It allows us to travel through time

It really is no secret that time can be a cruel thief, and children grow up in the blink of an eye. Just the other night I sat with my daughter looking through a hard drive my husband had found with some old photos from the beginnings of our relationship, before we ever had children. She took in every photo that we looked at. Photos that included family members that have since passed and we were able to "introduce" them to her to them by going through these photos. By being present in your family portraits, or any photographs, you create a visual album that encapsulates the irreplaceable moments of your shared experiences. These images become priceless treasures that transport you back to the laughter, innocence, and love that filled your days. It is a literal means of time travel! Reliving these memories together creates a profound sense of connection and gratitude.

We are able to strengthen family bonds for generations

Photographs serve as bridge that connect the past, present, and future. Being present in photos with your children allows you to build a bridge across generations, as they will one day pass these photographs down to their own children. It reminds them of their roots and the unconditional love that has been passed down from those they cherish most.

We capture life unfiltered

Candid moments in photographs, capture unfiltered love and pure joy. These type of images allow you to see the world through your children's eyes and appreciate the simple wonders that often go unnoticed. These photographs become the portals to travel back in time to these moments that can never be replicated. They are reminders of the all the life in between the big moments, the small miracles, that make life extraordinary.

We can celebrate perfect imperfections

Embracing being part of creating tangible history for your family, you teach your children the value of embracing imperfections and celebrating growth. Being able to see the changes in a person through their journey through life from infancy to adolescence can evoke a deep sense of pride and admiration. These photographs serve as gentle reminders that life's journey is not lin

ear, but full of peaks and valleys, and that every stage is beautiful in its own unique way.

They become the love letters for future generations

Photographs are love letters passed down from generation to generation. By being a part of photos with your children, you leave behind evidence of the small moments of life—a visual testament to the depth of your connection and the joy that comes from within your family. These images will be treasured by your children and future generations, telling the story of your family's love and the bond that held it together.

Embracing imperfection and letting go of all apprehensions about being in photos to be in more photos with your children is a profound gift to give to your children. It allows you and them to relive moments, strengthen bonds, and celebrate growth. So, step into the frame, embrace the beauty of imperfection, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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