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Bennett Family

It is honestly, crazy how fast that first year flies by! The most growing and learning is done in your child's first year! There are so many physical and developmental changes from when they are first born. They are 100% dependent on you when they enter this world, and then by their first birthday, most have begun to stand and take steps, if not already walking! They are babbling, playing and constantly learning! It is so important to capture as many moments as possible with your little ones. It such a fun experience to show them how small they used to be, and if you are the sentimental type, it is a great away to look back on all the baby sweetness. This momma was eager to do just that so she could share how much her baby has grown in the last year with friends and family at his first birthday party! He was such a ham and ready for the camera!

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these tender little moments between your sweet family!

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