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 I love the way a simple photograph can transport you in time. It can bring back a taste, a smell, a feeling thought to be forgotten. It is essentially, our only means of time travel, to relive a moment passed, one more time. Life happens and we don't even realize it. We run from one day to the next, checking off our to do list, planning for the next holiday, jumping from one event after the other, forgetting to revel in those little moments with our loved ones.  The moments we know we will yearn for when our children are grown, when grandparents have passed, or when loved ones have moved away.  We must remember to grab those moments and carry them with us.  The way your baby snuggles you a little closer while you sing a lullaby and gently rock in a rocking chair. They way your daughter stands beside you in the bathroom while you put on your make up and copies your every move. They way your son meticulously builds a race track for the thousands of hot wheels he owns. The love shared in the kitchen between a grandmother and her grandbabies while decorating sugar cookies for the holidays.